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Welcome ProMed and Medly

Strive Medical is pleased to announce the acquisition of ProMed and Medly health and has formed a new diabetes division.


With Strive Medical, You Get More Than Just Supplies

Strive Medical is one of the largest independent specialty providers of urology, wound care and incontinence medical supplies in the United States.

We work directly with healthcare providers and insurance companies to deliver physician-prescribed medical products to patients’ homes for optimal convenience.

At Strive Medical, we focus on providing the best patient experience we can. Let us assist you in finding the right products to fit your unique needs.

Our Customers

At Strive, we put patients in the center of every decision we make and it shows with your feedback!

Patient Solutions

Strive Medical caters to patients diagnosed with urinary incontinence, open wounds and pressure ulcers, among other clinical concerns. We deliver your urology, wound care and incontinence supplies.

Clinician Solutions

At Strive Medical, our goal is to make it easy for you to order your patients' urology, wound care and incontinence supplies. We work with major manufacturers and stick to your care plans!

Your Medical Supplies
Are Easy To Order

At Strive Medical, we are committed to providing fast, convenient service and the highest
quality medical supplies. Receive your medical products in just three easy steps:


Your Order

We offer four convenient ways to order your supplies:

  • Receive an automated phone call.
  • Use our free Patient Hub mobile app.
  • Enroll in our Continuous Care Program*
  • Call, email or chat us.

We Handle

Our Strive Medical team works directly with your healthcare and insurance providers and handles all your billing and paperwork for you.


Get Your

Whether you ordered urinary catheter supplies, wound care dressings, or other medical supplies, we ship your products to your door within a few business days, FREE shipping!

*The Continuous Care Program is available for non-Medicare catheter patients who want their supplies automatically shipped out every month or every 90 days.

Medical Products

Strive Medical is your personal resource, offering a comprehensive line of urology, wound care, and incontinence medical supplies.
Strive is not owned by a manufacturer. We pride ourselves in offering product choice.
We are committed to helping patients and their physicians find the right product!


Urology Supplies

We carry one of the largest selections of urology medical supplies, including medical catheter supplies, coude catheter and urinary catheter supplies. All these products are from top-selling brands.

  • Intermittent Catheters
  • Coude Catheters
  • Male External Catheters
  • Foley Catheters
  • Urinary Collection Bags
  • Urology Supplies & Accessories

Wound Care Supplies

Strive Medical has a variety of wound care supplies for people suffering from pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, sores, cuts and burns. We’re more than happy to assist you in finding the best product for your specific needs.

  • Wound Care Dressings
  • Bandage Rolls
  • Surgical Tapes
  • Compression Stockings
  • Wound Cleansers

Incontinence Products

We provide high-quality incontinence supplies sold at competitive prices. Our process is fast and hassle-free.

  • Underpads
  • Briefs
  • Diapers
  • Liners
  • Ostomy Supplies

Ancillary Supplies

Along with the major products in each category, we also supply the miscellaneous medical supplies that go hand-in-hand with those.

  • Irrigation Trays & Syringes
  • Underpads & Mattress Protectors
  • Wound Care Accessories
  • Pastes, Creams, Wipes and Other Accessories

Our Insurance Portfolio

Strive Medical is contracted with most major private insurance providers as well as Medicare and Medicaid and we are always adding more payors. Our insurance contracts cover 85%-90% of the covered lives across the U.S.

Have questions regarding our payments or policies? Contact us so we can assist you and answer any questions you have about ordering urology, wound care and incontinence medical supplies.


Premium Medical Products From
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