Employee Spotlight

Whitney Jones, Patient Specialist: Revenue Cycle Management

What do you do for Strive now and what have you done with Strive over your career?

I have worked for Strive for 11 years. I started an entry level in 2013 and worked my way up to Director of Urology and Operations. In my current position, I assist the billing department by addressing the patients’ billing questions, explaining benefits, setting up payment plans, and assisting with the Financial Assistance Program.

Can you share any memorable experiences?

This patient is unforgettable. I was new to the company and wasn’t ready for the experience that I embarked upon. This patient was new to the world of catheterization and though I have used urology items many times since childhood, I wasn’t up to speed on the business side. Upset about his supplies, the patient expressed how there was no chance we could make it right. If I recall, it took me almost 45 minutes to walk him through everything. Since I had just finished training, I hadn’t memorized the full script for these situations. So, I went off script and talked to him as if I was walking myself through the catheterizing process.

As promised, everything worked out and he has been with Strive since 2013. We even share the same birthday! This patient phones me for every holiday and races to beat me telling him Happy Birthday! He gave me the confidence that I have today in understanding that there is no situation too big to handle. You must be patient, listen, and address each question step by step. “You don’t swallow the apple whole. Just take small bites until you’re done.”

What advice would you give to someone new to catheterization?

Life is a process, and we don’t always get it right on the first try. Take it one day at a time and understand that we must do those things that are essential to our health! Strive will be here for you every step of the way! You are family to us and we want nothing but the best for you during your transition.

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