Employee Spotlight

Janita Armstrong, Patient Care Coordinator: Pediatrics and Rehab

What do you like best about your job?

I have worked at Strive Medical for more than six years as a Patient Care Coordinator (PCC), and I now get to work with our pediatric and rehab urology patients with their supplies.  I enjoy working with patients, parents, and their families because I know that I have given every patient and their family the best customer service I can.

Because of my position, a majority of my patients are new to using catheters. I have educated many of my male and female patients on how to properly use the supplies that they will now be using. I appreciate the fact that I have been able to make their transition as smooth as possible!

Can you share any memorable experiences?

I have a habit of asking many questions to help my patients feel at ease when discussing sensitive topics. Male patients often have a hard time adjusting to the catheters. My male patients tend to stand out because it's not common for male patients to open up about the reasons behind their catheter use. My family life experience helps me empathize with their journey. I have a close family member who has gone through cancer treatment and similar challenges so I am able to understand the significant impact such experiences have on one's life. By exercising patience, actively listening, and showing understanding, I am able to provide patients with the best catheter as quickly as possible.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Spina Bifida events?

I love engaging with children and their families at Spina Bifida events. Many parents of children with Spina Bifida often find themselves overwhelmed by the extensive care their children require. Frequently, they express frustration over their current DME provider with delays in receiving supplies, insurance approval processes taking longer than expected, and concerns about not receiving an adequate quantity of products. In response to these challenges, I prioritize transparency about the Strive’s process and how we work diligently to make sure the parents know exactly what to expect and that we hope to exceed their expectations.

Through these events, I have also had the privilege of meeting numerous adult Spina Bifida patients who refuse to let their condition hinder their lives. Their resilience is truly inspiring, and I make it a point to attentively listen to their frustrations, and work with them to ensure that Strive Medical can give them the best care possible. 

Want To Become a Patient Of Strive’s?

It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional or pediatrician to determine the most suitable incontinence supplies for a child's specific needs. The choice of products may vary based on the child's age, the severity of the incontinence, and individual preferences. Additionally, seeking professional advice ensures that the child's medical condition is appropriately addressed and managed.

Strive offers many different types of children’s incontinence supplies and in some cases, these are covered by insurance. If you are interested in speaking with a Strive representative, please fill out our form and we will contact you.