Hartmann Sorbalgon® Ag Alginate Dressing

Sorbalgon® Ag contains calcium alginate and silver particles. The dressings absorb wound exudate and release silver ions in the dressing for an antimicrobial effect against a wide range of pathogens.

Prescription Required

Product Features

  • Dressing is highly absorbent and forms a gel as wound exudate is absorb
  • Silver ions released within the dressing for an antimicrobial effect against a with range of pathogens
  • Holds together wet or dry for easy and intact removal
  • Sterile
Product NameSizeMFR #
Square Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing4" x 4"999611
Square Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing6" x 6"999610
Square Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing2" x 2"999612
Square Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing4" x 5"999613
Square Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing1" x 12" (Ribbon)999609

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